Stateside at the Paramount – Saturday

Stateside at the Paramount – Sunday

Stateside at the Paramount, built in 1935 as The State Theatre, stands next to the Paramount Theatre on Congress Avenue in downtown Austin, Texas. At approximately 300 seats, Stateside at the Paramount boasts an intimate and comfortable setting for both film and live performances. Most recently, the venue has hosted such diverse events as the annual SXSW Film Festival, Moontower Comedy and Oddity festival, and exhibitions by local nonprofit arts organizations that reflect the spirit of the Austin community.  It is located at 719 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78701

The Doubtful Guests

An Unforeseen Twist of Mephistophelean Whimsy

Dark and whimsical Improvisation. Never the same show twice.

A kaleidoscopic romp that is a spatter of Edward Gorey, a spit of Edgar Allen Poe, a snippet of Rocky Horror. This all adds up to a perfect October night at the theatre.

Meet Vesta, Riffus, Bawk and Vascillus: The Doubtful Guests.

Four decrepit buffoons, killed in a London brothel fire in 1888. Damned to an eternity of entertaining. The house band, The Penny Dreadful, fill your ears with the music of a turn-of-the century English pub. The Doubtful Guests, a crew of haunted hooligans, prowl about the stage spinning scenes, songs and bits of deadly burlesque out of thin air, for your amusement.

This show is theatrically macabre, highly physical, very musical and most peculiar take on long form improvisation.

* The Doubtful Guests are: Jason Ades, Sabrina Hill, Todd Stashwick and Ezra Weisz.

* The Penny Dreadful are: Todd Adamson, Geoffrey Schumann, Joe Lima and Weston Walls on percussion.

“Improvisation that couples Monty Python with Bertolt Brecht… hilarious performances of dexterous wit and broad physical shtick.”
- L.A. Weekly

“The Doubtful Guests were nimble, exhilarating and totally strange. …these Victorian-era troublemakers possess a formidable know-how of the craft (of improvisation). Watching former Chicago improviser Todd Stashwick pantomime loading a 19th-century rifle and blowing his brains out was mesmerizing.”
-Time Out Chicago

“Gleefully off-putting…a great show filled with the bizarre and the deadly.”

THE DOUBTFUL GUESTS ARE: Jason Ades (Riffus), Sabrina Hill (Vesta), Todd Stashwick (Vascillus) and Ezra Weisz (Bawk)

$12 at the door or
$10 through online ticketing <– Buy early, Save Money, Reserve Your Spot for this wild ride!

Doubtful Guests ‘Cold Spring’ Show from Westin Lee on Vimeo.

Out of Bounds West 2008

The Doubtful Guests ‘One of Those Days’ Show from Westin Lee on Vimeo.

The Doubtful Guests ‘Master of the House’ Show from Westin Lee on Vimeo.

Full Doubtful Guests show from 10-12-08 at bang studio.
The Doubtful Guests are a improv theatrical troupe that puts on
macabre musicals with their band, The Penny Dreadful.

The Doubtful Guests “Good Conductor!” Clip from Westin Lee on Vimeo.

Ever wonder how things get off at the top of a Doubtful Guests show? Well now you mostly know. A clip from the October 12th show. NSFW.

The Doubtful Guests “I Own It” Clip from Westin Lee on Vimeo.

Improv and music from the October 12, 2008 Doubtful Guests show at bang studio. Music by The Penny Dreadful. NSFW as always.

The Doubtful Guests ‘It’s Back’ Show from Westin Lee on Vimeo.

The Doubtful Guests show from 11-1-08 at bang Studio. Westin Lee directed and edited the multicam footage.

The Doubtful Guests “Bedelia” Clip from Westin Lee on Vimeo.

A clip from the Doubtful Guests’ headlining show at the 2008 Out of Bounds West Improv Festival. Quite NSFW.